Conference Programme

8.30-9.45      Registration
9.45-10.05     Welcome         Prof Willard McCarty, DDH, King's College London
Plenary Session 1
10.05-10.55    Jan Rybicki      Quality in Quantity? Stylometry on Ever Bigger Data
10.55-11.35    James Cummings   Community Building in the Digital Humanities 

11.35-11.55    Coffee Break

Presentations 1
11.55-12.10    Magdalena Turska Editor's Toolbox, or How Tools Shape the Hand that Holds them 
12.10-12.25    Tom Scutt        British Art Studies: A Case Study in Online,Open-access Publishing
12.25-12.40    Sian Beavers     Audience and Player Perceptions of Historical Drama and Historical Video Games 
12.40-12.55    Erika Fülöp      The Literary Space and the Digital Transition

13.00-14.00    Lunch & Poster Presentations
               Diana Magallon 
               & Jeff Crouch    Geometry and Style against a Background of 
                                Digital Bricks
               Josh Cowls       US-Iran Relations: Creating an Active Archive of a Contentious Relationship

Plenary Session 2
14.00-14.45    Rupert Gatti     Open Access and Multi-media Monographs
14.45-15.30    Jane Winters     Working with the Archived Web and Born-digital Big Data

Presentations 2
15.30-15.45   Louis Goddard     From GCHQ to AHRC: Mapping literary Groups Using Graph Theory and Online Reference Works
15.45-16.00   Florian Kräutli & 
            Stephen Boyd Davis  Digital Humanities Pragmatism - Humanities Research through Design 
16.00-16.15   David Ryan        The Revolution will be Digitised: Preservation of Historic Documents in the Digital Age
16.15-16.30   Marinella Testori Methods of Quality, Quality of Methods. What does Roberto Busa have to Communicate to Digital Humanists in the 21st Century?

Roundtable Discussion           What is it that is Going on?
16.35-17.35   Willard McCarty   (Chair)
              Eric Lease Morgan (Respondent)

17.35-17.45   Summing up